Egymark IP

EgyMark IP is an intellectual property registration agency, specializing in the formalities required for registering, maintaining and renewing Trade Marks, Patents and Designs in the countries of the Middle East.
Through the experience of our staff in the past 25 years in the intellectual property field in a number of the countries of the Middle East, we are in a position to make dedicated staff and other resources available to clients, as and when required
Our Mission is to work constructively with our clients to ensure their commercial goals are met in an accurate and timely manner and to assist with legal advice which is both decisive and has a practical focus

Our Mission

Our specialty is helping clients build, manage and enforce strong patent and trademark portfolios throughout the world.

We see each client's IP portfolio as an increasingly valuable asset for that company, constantly evolving with the promise of greater revenue and lower costs.


Our Vision

Individual ideas go in and out of fashion. The true business asset is the IP portfolio as a whole. Whatever the size and requirements of your firm, we recognize that quality and personal service are paramount.

Above all, we strive to understand your business and its needs so that we can tailor our advice and service to you.


In EgyMark IP we appreciate the fact that our clients entrusted us with one of their most valuable assets which is their intellectual properties, and out of that appreciation we consider all of our clients as special clients.