Plant variety


New varieties of plants which produce improved yields, higher quality or provide better resistance to plant pests and diseases are a key element and a most cost-effective factor in increasing productivity and product quality in agriculture, whilst minimizing the pressure on the natural environment. Many other modern technologies of plant production need to be combined with high-performing varieties in order to deploy their full potential. The tremendous progress in agricultural productivity in various parts of the world is largely based on improved varieties.

World population continues to grow and it is necessary to find ways of increasing output through higher yields and less wastage, thereby minimizing the use of land and other resources, all of which are becoming more scarce. But plant breeding has wider economic and environmental benefits than just increasing food production, including for developing countries. The development of new improved varieties with, for example, higher quality increases the value and marketability of crops in the global market of the twenty-first century.

The process of plant breeding is long and expensive; however, it can be very quick and easy to reproduce a variety. Clearly, few breeders would spend many years of their life, making substantial economic investment, in developing a new variety if there was no means of being recompensed for this commitment. Hence, sustained breeding efforts are only possible if there is a chance to reward investment. It is, therefore, important to provide an effective system of plant variety protection, with the aim of encouraging the development of new varieties of plants, for the benefit of society.

Offered services

• Filing and prosecuting Plant variety Applications.
• Renewals of Plant variety applications.
• Recordal of amendments on pant variety applications, such as, change of name/address, assignments , license agreements , mergers, and acquisitions.